Our advantages

According to survey conducted in Syktyvkar, the major consumers of artesian unbottled water are people with mean and low levels of income. Therefore the “Artesian spring” project has first of all social importance. It provides population that is not able to buy expensive bottled water because of low level of income with pure water. At the same time low price means poor quality not in the least. As is well known nature itself has taken care of purity of subterranean artesian water. Nature has separated aquifers from polluted surface by hundreds of meters of sedimentary and volcanic rock that serve as natural filters. Groundwater is not only purified but is also saturated with minerals and salts necessary for the human organism.
The further extraction and transportation of pure natural artesian water from the well to pavilions also excludes the water pollution. How much reliable is the system of water storage and sale in pavilions at the same time? It is worth noting that in Russia business and sale of such an important product for health as water are regulated by strict enough and liable statutory acts. Federal controlling bodies see thoroughly to the adherence of potable water standards established by the state. The current technology of water storage in pavilions, the system of cleaning and disinfecting facilities fully meet the established norms. Realizing that population needs in pure potable water and requirements to the quality of water will increase every year, relying on the existent experience, our company has developed a new improved construction of pavilions specially designed for storing and selling artesian water. Earliest models of pavilions selling unbottled artesian water in Syktyvkar, 2003-2006