Basis of health

Water pollution is one of the principal challenges to mankind of the XXI century. To stop the progress is already impossible. Every day new industrial enterprises appear in our cities, the amount of transport increases. Harmful emissions into the atmosphere and rivers rise according to geometric series. The first one that suffers is nature. Apparently before our eyes woods and rivers are becoming impoverished, inhabitants of lakes and seas are perishing. But the man also runs the risk of that influence. Polluted water saturated with chemical compounds, salts of heavy metals brings diseases and undermines health. At the same time pure water itself serves as a universal medicine contributing to the elimination of harmful substances from the organism. Russian government concerned by the demographic decline of the recent decade and the catastrophic reduction of life interval of inhabitants determines the population health as the chief priority. The state is ready to spend huge budgetary funds to develop health protection, create medicines and elaborate new ways of medical therapy. However it is known since ancient times – it is easier and cheaper to prevent men’s illnesses than to cure them. Creation of the effective system that will provide population with pure potable water could become one of the significant steps towards the improvement of the nation’s health.