Water - the source of life

The Earth is seen from space as a blue planet not by chance. Life arose on the Earth owing to water. Even having left ocean for land, all living beings and plants have stayed inseparably linked with water. Water still serves as a basis for everything. A grown-up person consists of water by two-thirds. The constant presence of enough water in the organism determines the health-state of each person and so his life. It is through aquatic environment that the organism delivers nutrients to the cells, eliminates toxins and harmful substances, performs the daily “cleaning and purification” of the body. Water "greases" our vessels, regulates body temperature and provides normal digestion. People never notice the tremendous role of water in the life when it is continually within reach. But if one comes to find him/herself without water at least for several hours, even moisture becomes the greatest value then. We react to the slightest changes of water content in the organism very sharply. When losing only 2% of water from the body mass (1-1,5 litres) a strong thirst arises, when losing 6-8% – there is a semi-syncope, losing 10% – hallucinations appear and when losing 12% a man perishes. A 24-hour water requirement of a grown-up person makes up 2,5-3 litres. No doubt it can vary depending on age, nutrition and climate. People consume a part of the daily water rate with food. And, nevertheless, experts are convinced that it is essential for a healthy person to drink about two litres of water daily.

During its lifetime mankind has invented thousands of drinks which are amazing by their taste, color and smell. But nothing can replace a drink of fresh water for people. Pure potable water is the base of our society’s health.