System of water storage

In reservoirs for storing water temperature is maintained which corresponds to the temperature of water in an artesian well. If necessary in southern cities pavilions will be equipped with air conditioners. All this provides optimal conditions for storing fresh artesian water. Water arrives at the reservoir through (1) a special technological access door situated in the bottom of a pavilion. Outside the technological access door is protected by a flap which does not spoil the facade of a pavilion. The system of reservoir filling is fully protected from the unauthorized access of an unfair salesperson. After closing time, not to disturb customers, pavilions are filled up with water by vehicles with cisterns designed to transport alimentary liquid. A hose is connected to the technological access door, through which water arrives from a cistern on the vehicle. The pavilion salesperson controls water delivery to customers from reservoirs. When being sold to customers, water by means of a (2) pump goes through the (3) filter that excludes the possibility of natural elements presence in potable water which could get there while filling and transportation in rare instances. Then water goes through an (5) ultraviolet lamp that disinfects it additionally. Water is delivered to customer’s container by means of a special flexible hose (6). Water flow is measured by a meter which shows exactly how much water was sold to customers. Water sale in pavilions is possible without electric power supply which reduces expenses significantly. Also all electrical equipment is protected from voltage steps in the network system. Fresh artesian water having been afterpurified through the membrane system of filters in itself meets all the standards of potable water. And at times it even surpasses them by useful properties. However we have developed an additional autonomous system of water purification in every “Artesian spring” pavilion to eliminate the slightest possibility of selling poor water. Inexpensive potable water is the product of mass demand. Health of a huge number of people depends on water. We realize the whole responsibility of this issue. Therefore we have properly elaborated the problem of preserving useful properties in available potable water.