«Artesian spring» is near your house!

The “Artesian spring” project offers a new way how to provide population with pure potable water.

The essence of the “Artesian spring” project lies in the fact that pure potable water will be on sale in special pavilions and bottled into the containers of customers. This water does not yield the expensive bottled water by quality.

And yet any person will be able to buy water at a reasonable price. The considerable economy of transportation and packaging allows to reduce costs and lower the price of water to 2-2,5 rubles per litre.

Available potable water

The “Artesian spring” pavilions are located in all residential city areas. Low cost and convenient location make fresh potable water available to all city residents including pensioners. Now we may confirm that a natural artesian spring is near (just by) your house!

Quality control

We extract potable water from artesian wells. The “Artesian spring” work system excludes the sale of poor water. We control the water quality at all stages: from its transportation to water storage in pavilions.

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