How does it work?

On the basis of experience of the existing pavilions network, the “Artesian spring” company has developed a new construction of pavilions specially designed for storing and selling artesian water.

 We have studied the existing pavilions in detail, considered the requirements of the controlling bodies to water storage and reservoir disinfection, designed a new more advanced technology of filling up the pavilions with water and dispensing it to customers. In the pavilions not only the technological moments are improved but so are the conditions for the personnel work. The “Artesian spring” pavilions correspond to all modern concepts of what retail centers selling unbottled water should look like. In the pavilion there are two reservoirs for water storage, the capacity of each reservoir is 1600 litres. In the centre of the pavilion between the reservoirs there is a room for personnel from where potable water is sold. There is also a special room for storing containers in the pavilion. The work-place of personnel is equipped with a wash-hand-stand. In the room with a separate entrance there is a dry closet (biotoilet). That is why the pavilion installation does not demand a sewerage system construction (sanitary-and-epidemiologic requirements to trade organizations, sanitary regulations The “Artesian spring” pavilions will be designed in a unified corporate style that will make the trade network selling artesian water recognizable among customers. Designers have worked out the appearance of pavilions that will harmoniously fit in a city landscape. The “Artesian spring” pavilion front section The “Artesian spring” pavilion top view 1- reservoir for water storage 2- work-place of personnel 3- room for storing containers 4- wash-hand-stand 5- dry closet 6- technological access door 7- window for water sale