What do we drink?

It is necessary for people to drink pure water. To find such water in the nature becomes more and more difficult every year. Even in the areas where sweet water is enough, at times people suffer from lack of high-quality potable water. Modern postindustrial society affects a lot the purity of water springs. Nowadays it is no longer significant where people live: either in a multimillion megapolis or small town, in an industrial centre or farmland. The emissions of thermoelectric power stations, chemical and cellulose works, mines and by-product coke plants cover huge distances, polluting the environment within the radius of thousands of kilometers.

In Russia up to 30% of sample water from surface water springs does not meet the hygienic regulations, according to Federal Service for supervising the sphere of consumers’ protection. A quarter of all sample water causes doctors’ alarm because of bacteriological indexes. In addition to sand and clay surface water springs also contain such harmful chemical compounds and substances for people, as nitrites, nitrates, sulphuretted hydrogen and ammonia. Abundantly fertilizing soil with waste and chemical products countrymen and summer residents saturate water with pathogenic bacteria and microbes. Oil products also give additional “density to such a cocktail”. Annually they accumulate in the soil in a 200-300 metre line along highways by millions of tons; they are washed down to rivers by vernal floods and filled in bottom sediments. Providing settlements with water from surface springs municipal services purify and disinfect river water thoroughly. At many water intake facilities after all stages of purification, river water fully meets the highest perfection factors.

But unfortunately in spite of all undertaken measures water of inferior quality can arrive to the apartments. Deterioration of water distributing pipeline is the reason of it. . It is estimated that from 40 to 70% of this pipeline needs replacing. Given the present condition of housing and municipal services we can hardly reckon on near changes in the sphere. Decay of water-supply system in our cities and areas does not solely lead to the pollution of potable springs. Emergencies and water-pipe breaks often deprive separate houses and whole microdistricts of water supply. Industrial enterprises – motor transport – agriculture and summer residences – water purifying station – water distributing pipeline.