Today in most Russian cities there are alternatives to the centralized water pipe letting people buy and drink pure potable water.
The most widespread alternatives are: water delivery to houses and offices, bottled water in shops and domestic water-purification filters. Nevertheless all these alternatives have definite drawbacks.

As a rule, each domestic filter is aimed at water purification from 2-3 certain pollutants. So it is too expensive and bulky to install the whole filtering system in a flat that would purify water from harmful chemical elements, pathogenic bacteria and salts of heavy metals. Unfortunately bottled water is not affordable to all consumers. The cost of bottled water is acceptable only to the most well-to-do people. So just they can drink and use it for cooking regularly. Meanwhile pure potable water is an inalienable right of all people. In 2005 in the annual message president of Russia V.V. Putin, perhaps for the first time in the last decade, set the society a task to preserve and develop the nation, its human potential rather than separate groups of well-to-do people. The priority national project “Health” is aimed at the same task. It will be impossible to realize the planned measures if the majority of nation does not have access to the main source influencing health, i.e. pure water. The “Artesian spring” project suggests a solution to the problem of available pure potable water to all the society.